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When it comes to animals who are vulnerable in a forest fire, tortoises probably aren’t the first animals that come to mind. That’s ok because I didn’t think about them either, but apparently they are among the many victims of a fire in Brazil. One of the turtles who was injured in the brush fires was in desperate need of medical attention. Freddy was badly burned, and his shell was actually destroyed from the fire. Turtles depend on their shells, so Freddy not having his was a big problem. A group of veterinarians, a dental surgeon and a designer had actually just formed a group called the “Animal Avengers” that help animals who have been struck by tragedy. Check out what they did for Freddy, their first patient!

This is Freddy the tortoise. He was badly burned in a brush fire in Brazil.

Unfortunately his shell was also destroyed by the fire. So an amazing group of people decided to 3D print him a new one!

This incredible group calls themselves the “Animal Avengers,” and they are here to make a difference in the animal kingdom.

The shell fit absolutely perfectly! What would a tortoise-shell be though if it was just this ugly gray color? It needed some style.

So the team set out to paint his new 3D shell to look as natural as possible.

They did an amazing job! This looks just like a real tortoise-shell!

The Animal Avengers group consists of 4 veterinarian’s, a dental surgeon and a 3D designer.

Now Freddy has a new lease on life, and a brand new shiny shell to go along with it!

Check Out This Video Of Freddy’s Incredible Story!

I’m so glad this group of professionals was able to help out this poor tortoise. He wouldn’t have made it very long without his shell. Now he has a brand new one, along with a fancy new design! These men should be commended for their actions. They plan on helping out many other animals through their Animal Avengers group as well, so they aren’t done making a difference.

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