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A great-great-grandfather who lived through the Spanish Flu, Great Depression and World War II has now conquered coronavirus – just in time for his 107th birthday. 

Rudolph ‘Rudi’ Heider battled the deadly virus for weeks while quarantined at a nursing home in Chesterfield, Missouri. 

On Tuesday his family finally received the joyous news that he’d been cleared to come out of isolation after reaching the two-week mark without any symptoms.  

Rudolph ‘Rudi’ Heider officially triumphed over coronavirus on Tuesday – just in time for his 107th birthday. He is pictured with grandson Matthew Heider and his wife Janet 

Rudi’s grandson Matthew Heider said he and his wife Janet, who live in Bremerton and recently welcomed a grandchild of their own, spent the past month praying that he would recover whilst knowing the odds were not in their favor. 

Janet fought back tears as she recounted getting the call that Rudi was sick last month. 

‘He was fighting fevers, I think he was at 102° and he had said he wanted to die…. I cried,’ Janet told 11 Alive

But just as he had done during many other trying times over his long lifetime – Rudi pulled through. 

Rudi has been through a myriad of trying times over his lifetime – surviving the Spanish Flu, Great Depression and World War II. His grandson Matthew posted the photo compilation above, showing Rudi in his youth compared with in recent years 

Asked what his grandfather’s ‘secret’ was, Matthew Heider said: ‘I think a lot of it is definitely having a positive attitude and his mind is so active.’ 

Rudi thanked the couple for their support when they called him on Tuesday to wish him a happy birthday.  

‘I love you very much,’ Rudi said. ‘Thank you, everyone, for all the help you’ve given me.’ 

His family shared the heartwarming story in hopes that it will inspire others to keep fighting even when it feels like there’s no chance. 

At 107 years old, Rudi is believed to be one of the oldest people on earth to recover from coronavirus. 

He joins at least two other centenarians who have triumphed over the virus, which is known to have a much higher fatality rate among aging populations. 

Earlier this month, 101-year-old Angelina Friedman of Westchester, New York, beat the virus after previously overcoming cancer and surviving the Spanish Flu. 

Before Angelina, Connie Titchen, 106, was given a standing ovation as she was discharged from a hospital in Birmingham, England, three weeks after she tested positive for COVID-19.  

And before Connie, 104-year-old Ada Zanusso was believed to be the oldest person in the world to recover after falling ill at her nursing home in Biella, Italy.  

Angelina Friedman, a 101-year-old from New York who was born in the height of the Spanish flu in 1918 and went on to survive cancer, beat the novel coronavirus this month

Ada Zanusso, 104, (left) of Italy and 106-year-old Connie Titchen (right) of Britain recovered from the virus earlier this month 

Grandfather who survived Spanish Flu and World War II beats coronavirus on his 107th birthday

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